I fumbled the release of 0.9.4, as I was preparing the binaries I found a critical bug. So, I’ve made a few days later. Today, that is. Here’s the combined release notes:


o BUG-FIX: Fix crash on reading some CCP4/MRC maps

o BUG-FIX: Colour-by-chain fixed again: now respects the draw-missing-residues-loops setting

o BUG-FIX: Fix the installation of side-chain-data

Release 0.9.4

o FEATURE: Add function for Backrub Rotamer for chain

o FEATURE: Faster reading of maps for cryo-EM reconstructions

o FEATURE: Add “no-recontour on panning” mode

o FEATURE: function add_hydrogens_atoms() added to the API

o FEATURE: function assign_sequence_to_active_fragment() added to the API

o FEATURE: Add “Atom Overlaps” to the Validation menu

o FEATURE: Add an entry for weight change in the active map selection dialog

o CHANGE: Remove Prodrg-ify from the interface

o CHANGE: Better application of Ramachandran restraints

o CHANGE: Link with latest and greatest version of Python 2

o CHANGE: Fill partial residues now faster as residues are now refined at the same time

o CHANGE: API function change argument order for add_OXT_to_residue()

o CHANGE N-linked glycosylation feature: weight change. Now more robust and useful in cryo-EM

o CHANGE: Represent formal charge in the restraints editor. Remove partial charge.

o BUG-FIX: globularize() now works for nucleic acid chains

o BUG-FIX: Fix up the “Dock Sequence” dialog - now is called “Assign Sequence”

o BUG-FIX: Colour-by-chain colours fixed again

o BUG-FIX: Conditionally delete OP3 when extending nucleotide chains

o BUG-FIX: Fix up hardware stereo