1. Open a new coot, with no state script

  2. Edit -> Map Parameters

  • Set the map radius to 12

  • Set the map sampling rate to 1.8

  1. Extensions → Load Tutorial Model and Data

  2. Calculate → FPS → Yes

  3. Zoom in until the density touches the edge of the screen

  4. Draw → Spin View on

  5. Watch the status bar…

[Note that the frame rate can top out at 60 FPS - syncing with the monitor refresh]

For me I had to turn up the radius to 60.0 Å to get a frame rate of less than 60 FPS (it was 50 FPS) on my new PC desktop.

Doing the same on my 2-year old MacBook Pro gave 5 FPS.

Perhaps 60 Å should be the new standard, but for now, let’s quote both the FPS at a radius of 12 and at 60 Å.